LisaMarie Speaks

Key Achievements

  • Founding CEO, LisaMarie Enterprises LLC
  • Author, Love Charlie
  • Certified Integral CoachTM
  • Bridges Certified Trainer: Managing Organizational Transition
  • Bridges Certified Trainer: Individual Transitions in Organizations
  • 18 years’ experience guiding individuals, corporations, and organizations through professional and personal change


As a Transition Strategist, LisaMarie is a leader in advising individuals and corporations to manage and grow strategically in times of change and transition. She is an accomplished and sought-after speaker, engaging her audiences with enthusiasm, humor, and new perspectives for successfully navigating personal and professional transition and change.

Over the course of her 23-year career advising high-net-worth individuals through the complexities of fiduciary wealth management, LisaMarie observed that, beyond financial matters, clients were seeking her guidance and critical decision-making advice regarding pivotal changes in their lives. In 2009 LisaMarie began focusing her education and training on strategies for change and transition, developing her proprietary model, Empowered ChangeTM, an innovative approach to connecting with and managing the phases of change and transition.

LisaMarie is a trusted strategic partner, able to differentiate short-term relief from long-term objectives, to resolve conflicts between values and goals, and to offer the insight and clarity necessary for sound decision making in challenging times of change and uncertainty.

LisaMarie’s In Conversation approach is game changing. Our company achieved goals we had only dreamed about.  We are now number one in the world in our industry.” ~NDA Client, Corporate CEO, Luxury Transportation Industry

Keynotes, Presentations, Seminars, and Training Sessions

Change happens. Businesses are sold, spouses file for divorce, retirement approaches, wealth comes suddenly, career paths take sharp and unexpected turns, loved ones pass away. Life-altering changes can leave even highly competent and successful individuals feeling off-balance in the present and unsure about the future. With passion and intelligence, LisaMarie addresses navigating the sometimes treacherous, sometimes thrilling, and often challenging waters of change. She leaves her listeners empowered by guiding them to an understanding of the stages of change and transition and by delivering reasoned, effective methods for productive and positive action during times of profound personal and professional change.

LisaMarie’s presentations are tailored to client-specific goals regarding change and transition. Topics include:

  • “Addressing Rapid Change and Growth by Capturing Creativity in the Neutral Zone of Transition.” Manage and understand change and transition through the lens of LisaMarie’s unique In Conversation approach. LisaMarie introduces the concept of Empowered Change, which enables individuals and organizations to thrive during change by engaging in creative thinking and partnered decision making.
  • “The Fundamentals of Change and Transition.” Explore common elements of transition, the effects of change on individuals and corporations, and the importance of empathic listening, creativity, goal-setting, risk taking, introspection, and vision.
  • “Finding Your Way during Organizational Transitions: Seminar for Employees.” Expand your team’s capacity to best manage change and the inevitable internal transition that accompanies change while avoiding the upheaval and stress that cause personal unhappiness and loss of productivity.
  • “Thriving during Organizational Transitions: Seminar for Leaders.” Broaden your skills in leading others through organizational transitions such as changes in leadership, workforce reduction, merger or acquisition, and rapid growth while maintaining morale, decreasing disruptions, and sustaining employee productivity.

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