Private Clients

Life is a series of changes and transitions, many of which we adapt to easily.  However, occasionally changes and transitions occur that are significant and even radical.  These are the life-changing events, such as marriage or divorce, adoption or birth of a child, death or illness of a loved one, sudden financial gain or division, and career change or retirement, which can trigger emotional upheaval and render decision making difficult.

LisaMarie guides clients in navigating the rapidly flowing and tumultuous waters of profound change and transition by

  • Employing her personal, empathic, and dialectical In Conversation™ approach
  • Guiding clients to an Empowered Change™ by partnering with them through the transitional stages associated with significant change and transition
  • Paying particular attention to the integration of each aspect of  personal and professional life
  • Resolving perceived conflicts between values and goals, opening doors for honest internal and interpersonal communication
  • Being an empathic listener, coach, and mentor to facilitate clarity during discomfort and chaos
  • Engaging with clients as a strategic, decision-making partner as they face what seem to be too many, too few, or too difficult choices
  • Helping clients evaluate solutions and see clearly the alternatives, ramifications, and opportunities that accompany difficult and important decisions
  • Partnering with clients in their efforts to clarify vision and purpose as they emerge from life-changing transition