Change is an event. Change is situational and external.  Whether the change is retirement, the death of a loved one, or a promotion, change has a beginning and an end.  Change precipitates transition.


Transition is a process. Transition is a personal response to change and has an ending, neutral zone, and beginning. Individuals move through these phases of transition from their pre-change past to a new reality.


LisaMarie’s In Conversation method of engagement empowers clients to manage the uncertainty and apprehension of the transition process.  In Conversation is fluid, collaborative, and open ended.  This approach involves one-on-one, confidential conversations; empathic and non-judgmental listening; evaluation of alternatives; strategic, partnered decision making; recognition of fresh perspectives; and leveraging additional partners when necessary. As you and LisaMarie determine, In Conversation may take place in person, over the phone, or by virtual conferencing.


LisaMarie’s Empowered Change model evolved from and expands upon established change and transition management models.  By understanding the stages of change and transition, you will have greater control over events, emotions, and outcomes.  You will not only be able to manage change and transition better but you will be able to grow and even prosper during this unsettling time.