Seasonal Changes: Lessons in Transition


5043238856_a6be2f8628_oSeasonal change often catches us by surprise. We scurry through our busy days, and then suddenly a fresh breeze caresses our cheek and it dawns on us that fall really is in the air. There’s not only an annual axis rotation occurring, but we’ve got a full-blown environmental transition happening as well. Who among us doesn’t get psyched when winter jumps to spring and summer slides into fall, gifting us with cool, fresh air? Squirrels gather nuts and bears prep for a long sleep. It’s a clear cut case of a shift change at the nature factory. This cycle-of-life process offers us a lesson in transition. 

As individuals, we too experience periodic shift changes. As meaningful change occurs, we need a transitional adjustment. Transition can be a time of imbalance.  There’s going to be an ending of business as usual, and we add the baggage of individual backgrounds, varying belief systems, differing personal values, and wide-ranging attitudes. Often opinions and strong reactions flare up.  Just as nature conforms to the timing of its cycle, we are wise to keep in mind that transition takes time. It takes a transition for us to resolve our uncertainty and consider a new direction.

Early autumn arrives with a sea of multi-colored backpacks as we bid farewell to summer sand and beach novels. The weather is cooling and crinkly leaves are changing their colors. We break out our light jackets and notice that our favorite team has already played the third game of the season. Incredibly, the new school year is already in its fourth week and we are well into a new rhythm of life. Seasonal change has made a noble appearance. May we be as successful with our own personal transitions.